10 Greatest Batman: The Animated Series Episodes

10. Legends Of The Dark Knight

Just to prove the earlier statement about the quality holding up when the show became The New Batman Adventures, we have this episode from the show's later run which still contains all of the series' customary wit and imagination. Told from the point-of-view of some Batman-loving Gotham kids, we get to see their varying versions of Batman's adventures - which hark back to the different incarnations of the character over the years. One is a love-letter to the campy Batman of the 50s and 60s, particularly the work of comic book artist Dick Sprang. Another is a fairly faithful recreation of Frank Miller's seminal The Dark Knight Returns, complete with tanked-up Batman and Carrie Kelly as a female Robin. There's even a cheeky dig at Batman Forever when another kid appears - named Joel - who thinks Batman wears "tight rubber armour!" The whole thing is a great treat for long-term Batman fans and a loving shout-out to previous Batman creators.

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