10 Major Reveals From The Super Bowl Trailers

Pirates, priestesses, and Eggos - Super Bowl 51's trailers turned the world Upside Down. 

Javier Bardem Pirates

The beer. The betting. The halftime show. The chicken wings (or angel wings?). Heck, maybe even the (American) football itself. There are plenty of reasons a billion people tune in every year to watch the Super Bowl, but one of the biggest is the trailers.

While those who watched the game for, well, the game (and not just to tweet about how they were watching the #SuperBowl) remain in shock over Tom Brady's heroics and the Patriots' incredible comeback win, movie (and TV) fans are going gaga over all the latest looks at the biggest upcoming films and shows.

It was another huge year for the Super Bowl spots, with Marvel rolling out a new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 teaser, first looks at upcoming sci-fi movies Life and A Cure For Wellness, two different movies starring Dwayne Johnson, and an excellent first tease of Stranger Things Season 2.

The football's over, but the hype for these is just beginning. Here's the biggest reveals from this year's Trailer Bowl.

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