10 Mindblowing Ways That Arrow Could Go Out With A Bang

Can the OG Arrowverse show hit the bullseye one final time?

The CW/DC Comics

It's been rumoured for months now that Stephen Amell - the Green Arrow himself - would be stepping back from the show that made his name after the current season 7, exploring other professional opportunities and spending more time with his family.

That scuttlebutt (like gossip in green leather) settled a month ago when he signed up for next year's renewal... prematurely as it turns out, because it was announced last night that season 8 would be a shortened 10 episode run, acting as the series' capstone. After eight years on the air and having inspired a whole television universe, Arrow has been cancelled.

Although your mileage may vary as to how consistently good Arrow has been in the last couple of years since the barnstorming season 5, it's clear that the decision has been made to go out on a high note. Not only that, but the fact that Amell told the show's producers about his decision to leave at the tail end of last season means that they will have been laying the groundwork for his departure since the beginning of season 7.

With that in mind, let's put our speculating trousers on and see if we can't spitball the best possible ending possible for this hugely influential show.


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