10 Most Ludicrous Moments From Sense8

10. That Opening Scene

Sense8 is very upfront about its unique ludicrousness from the very first scene. Hey look, it's Sayid from Lost! And Pris from Blade Runner! And wait oh my god what is happening to her is she giving birth why is it happening in a church that doesn't seem like a particularly safe and sterile environment to bring a new baby into. This is bonkers.

Turns out the panic of that darkened, frantic opening scene turns out to all be for naught. Daryl Hannah isn't giving birth! It's fine! The truth is far weirder. Hannah's performance as Angel in the scene is clearly modelled on a woman in labour, but she isn't bringing new life into the world. No, she's just creating a psychic link between eight people around the world.

That's the premise set up right from the beginning but that is an intense sequence to open up on. And why does activating the next generation of Sensates have to be exactly as painful and traumatic as giving birth? Because it's a big deal, but also because it's weird and intense and grabs your attention from the off. Okay but still, WHY IS THIS HAPPENING.


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