10 Reasons Maniac Is The Best Netflix Original Series Since Stranger Things

The Emma Stone & Jonah Hill series is one of Netflix's best.


Netflix Originals may have started getting a more hit-or-miss reputation due to the company's heavily-increased content production, but people seem to forget that when Netflix makes a hit, they knock it out of the park.

Stranger Things, easily their greatest accomplishment, effectively combined the familiar with the boldly different, giving people of all ages a show that provides something fresh while still making it feel familiar. Other Netflix-exclusive shows were also big hits with audiences, but none of them really matched Stranger Things' quality. That is, until Maniac came around.

With such superb talent in its cast and the sheer artistry brought on from show-runner Patrick Somerville and True Detective's Cary Fukunaga, the series is one of Netflix's very best. These two work to provide Maniac with a cinematic feel that elevates every component to make the show stand out among Netflix's other Originals.

Maniac holds itself up with the pop culture superstar Stranger Things because it provides viewers with an experience that no other show can offer (even if Maniac arguably has more originality going for it). And with the recent news that this will be the only season, you owe it to yourself to check it out.


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