10 Reasons Maniac Is The Best Netflix Original Series Since Stranger Things

10. Concise Season Length With No Filler


The saying "less is more" doesn't always stick around in Netflix's mind. Too many of their exclusives end up overstaying their welcome, hurting the show's overall quality. Thankfully, taking another page from Stranger Things' book, Maniac condenses its season into eight sub-50 minute episodes, and it serves the show perfectly.

Maniac's writers and editors clearly were careful when deciding run times as well, with most episodes even dipping below 40 minutes (typically on the episodes that focus primarily on Stone or Hill's character). While it does unfortunately mean less time spent in this interesting world, it adds an impressive balance to episodes so they never dip too far in any single direction. No "exposition" episode or a super crazy finale that completely contrasts from an uneventful. Careful, satisfying balance.

This is another satisfying component that further reinforces how much freedom the creatives had in creating their vision. No unnecessarily-stretched plot points, no multi-episode drags to sustain a long season/runtime, just pure quality content.


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