10 Striking Similarities Between GLOW And Orange Is The New Black

9. ... Under The Supervision Of A Man


The women are the main characters, but above them is the lone figure of a man. He's in control, despite being unfit for the job. Caputo and Sam are both struggling artists. The warden of Litchfield would gladly quit his job and tour with his band Sideboob. Sam gets into wrestling only because the producer promises him that once GLOW is established, he'll sponsor the shooting of his new movie.

They might not look the part, but both men are also good with the ladies. Caputo has an affair with Fig, who's way out of his league, while Rhonda shags Sam partially out of sympathy. Still, both women praise the men for their libidos.

Their sexual abilities are not the main reason for their supremacy though. It's hard to tell what actually is, but there's no denying that under the hard exterior both men hide a lot of feelings for their subordinates. In contrast to other men, for example Larry and Mark, Caputo and Sam act more reasonably and allow the ladies to be themselves, albeit under their supervision.


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