10 Striking Similarities Between GLOW And Orange Is The New Black

10. Ladies Doing Manly Things...


The opening scene of the first episode of GLOW is telling about what kind of a show it's going to be. Ruth delivers a moving, passionate speech during an audition. With tears in her eyes she reads her line and when she's finished, she thanks the casting director for being able to audition for the role of a strong female character. The irony is that she reads the man's part. On purpose.

Both shows epitomize toughness, as the prison system and the wrestling ring is associated with strong, brutal, male force. To survive in prison and to exhibit athletic abilities is to prove one's masculinity. However, both shows successfully invert these wrongful assumptions. They are important because they show that physical strength isn't essential in being tough.

As proven by recent remarks by John McEnroe about Serena Williams, men still want women to prove that they are as good as them. GLOW and OITNB both question and undermine masculinity, which makes them important. It doesn't hurt that they're extremely entertaining as well.


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