10 Strongest Female Doctor Who Characters

We look at the stronger women in the Doctor’s life…

James T. Cornish



Since it began in the 1960s, Doctor Who has occasionally had some issues with female characters. Particularly the succession of Susan clones introduced in the episodes following her departure that all fit the mould of “curious young woman who gets into trouble and has to be saved by the Doctor”.

But at the same time, there have also been strong female characters in Doctor Who right from the start like maternal schoolteacher Barbara Wright and teenage super-genius Zoe Heriot. But it was only really once the 1970s hit that female companions and recurring characters became stronger and more like individuals in their own right rather than following a strict archetype. Something that New Who needs more of since it has its own companion archetype of “female twenty-something from modern day Earth enamoured or infatuated with the Doctor”.

But thankfully not all female Doctor Who characters are cut from the same few moulds. Over the past fifty-one years we’ve had plenty of incredibly strong female characters in Doctor Who that not only carve out a niche as distinct personalities but also have a massive effect on the Doctor or the Whoniverse as a whole. And both a lot of the time. So today, we’re counting down Doctor Who’s 10 Strongest Female Characters…