10 Super Disappointing Netflix Original Series

10. Marseille


Marseille sort of feels like Netflix took elements of other original shows that had worked well in the past, but put all together it doesn't really work.

House of Cards has been a big hit for Netflix, so it stands to reason that a political drama would be a good move for the streaming service. And they've had some success with bringing foreign language shows to English-speaking audiences. What could go wrong with combining these two elements into one program? Should be equally successful, right? Well, not really.

To be totally fair, Marseille isn't terrible. It's the gritty story of politics in the crime-ridden, seedy underbelly of Marseille, and it has Gerard Depardieu in it, which is something.

But the production is just ever so slightly underwhelming, and for Netflix, which relies on people being enthralled enough to binge watch the entire series, tepid enjoyment isn't exactly the recipe for long-standing success.


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