10 TV Shows That Were Spoiled By Romantic Couples

1. Gossip Girl - Serena Van Der Woodsen And Dan Humphrey/Blair Waldorf And Chuck Bass

The CW

The popular show loosely based on the books about an unseen Internet presence exposing the secrets of New York's wealthy began with featuring the mutual interest between Serena and Dan It started alright, but then their constant break-up make-up routine began to wear thin. And then it got creepy when their parents got married and it turned out that they share a sibling in common. It became even more unbelievable following the infamous twist in the series finale.

And then there's Blair and Chuck, a relationship of epic unhealthiness. So much so that essays have been written about the abusive nature of it. Laced with emotional and mental trauma, there were also instances of physical harm.

Eventually they wed, not because they were finally in a good place together, but so Blair couldn't be made to testify against Chuck in a murder trial. He didn't actually commit murder, but the slimy aspect is still there. (It should be noted that a number of disturbing allegations have been made against Ed Westwick recently. This entry is not to comment on his possible guilt or innocence, but to comment on the television show.)

And when Blair and Dan got together, a pair that supported and took care of each other following an endearing journey going from enemies to becoming best friends and love interests, many rabid 'Chair' shippers made it out like that coupling was the sick one. Such reverence for such toxicity is depressing and really taints the series.

Agree with this list? Which couples do you think spoilt TV shows? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

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