I’ll be frank: I love television theme tunes almost as much as I love the television show itself. I love theme songs almost to the point where it drives the people I love insane, and it kills me to know that the theme song today is a dead art. Dating back to the earliest forms of theater, an instrumental would set the tone for what the audience was about to watch from the very beginning. Because of the emotional nature of  music, a theme song could tell you a lot about the show. Is it comedy or drama? Is it upbeat or melodramatic? Is it romantic or action packed? Is it supernatural or realistic?

It’s easy to find yourself smiling when you hear someone whistling your favorite tune on the street and sometimes even whistling along. And hey, who hasn’t burst out singing from time to time? Give it a try sometime; trust me, it’s good for the soul. There will always be those jingles that, for whatever reason, will forever be encoded into our brains, quite frankly whether we ever sat down and watched the show or not either because they’re upbeat, they’re catchy or they’re just plain annoying.

These ten take the cake for most addictive and iconic (and let’s face it, annoying after a while).

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This article was first posted on June 11, 2013