10 Upcoming TV Show Reboots (And Their Chances Of Survival)

What's old is new when it comes to upcoming TV shows.

the office

While there are more TV shows than ever before, it also feels like a good chunk of those new shows are not new shows at all - they're reboots.

Whether you love seeing headlines proclaiming your favorite show's return to primetime, or you prefer to let a series fade into the pop culture ethos, the reboot isn't going away. Reviving a previous hit just makes sense for a network. The series already has a built-in audience and if the original cast is onboard, the show can avoid that awkward period of figuring out what it wants to be.

Of course, not every revived series is destined for a triumphant second run. For every rebooted Will & Grace or Hawaii Five-0, there's a Charlie's Angels reboot going down in flames.

2018 is young, but already there are a number of beloved TV shows being groomed for a comeback. The question is, do they stand a chance?

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