12 Cartoons You Definitely Watched In The 90s

In your late teens/early twenties? Cast your mind back to these gems...

How many hours a day did you spend watching cartoons when you were a kid? Before school, after school and summer holidays; they even got a look in on Christmas Day. Childhood was cartoon heaven. And they were good for you too. The animated worlds blasting from the box in the corner of the living€“room introduced us to narratives and characters, they pumped up our imagination. And they were awesome too. Kids these days got it rough. Cartoons just ain€™t what they used to be. Sure they€™ve got Ben Ten, and maybe one more, but they just can€™t compete with the cartoon heyday of the 90€™s. This list will remind you just how good we had it back then. If you spent any time in front of the TV growing up at all you are bound to have seen these shows: delved into their worlds and quoted their characters. Batman, X-Men, Spiderman and Superman have been purposefully omitted from the list, on account of them not being forgotten (how could they be, they€™re everywhere). So sit back and feel the childhood memories wash over you. They say that nostalgia isn€™t what it used to be, but this list disagrees.

12. Mighty Max

The cartoon adventure about the young boy with the magic baseball cap only ran for forty episodes between 1993 and €™94. But despite its short run it made a lasting impression. Mighty Max was the kid with the long white t-shirt (with a big red M for Max), a shock of blond hair and a wise-cracking attitude. Chosen as the Mighty One by the baseball cap, Max is charged with defeating the evil Skullmaster (voiced by Tim Curry) and his band of minions. This was prophesied thousands of years ago (yes, a baseball cap involved in a prophecy from the Egyptian era). Helped by his mentor Virgil -a talking bird, and his bodyguard Norman, Max uses the cap to travel to different realities and take on Skullmaster. Fun, funny and dangerous, Mighty Max was an action-packed cartoon. The protagonists were placed in perilous situations, and the danger for a kids cartoon was great. Mighty Max was criticised for being too violent (which only makes it better), and indeed Skullmaster did kill Virgil and Norman in its last ever airing €“ though Max uses the hat to time-travel back to the first episode. Repeated long after its short run finished, Mighty Max is one that sticks in the brain for those around in the early 90€™s.
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