15 Best TV Moments Of 2017 (So Far)

14. That's Not How The Story Goes - A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Episode: The Miserable Mill: Part Two

Fourteen years after the movie tried and failed, Netflix delivered a worthy adaptation of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. The whole season was a macabre joy to watch: faithful to the books where it needed to be, with its own inventions to make it fresh, and some brilliant performances - led by Neil Patrick Harris - accompanying a deliciously dark tone.

Although The Reptile Room (both parts) edges the finale in episodic terms, the closing moments of the season are a perfect summary of the show: funny, tragic, and rather odd.

In just a couple of minutes it encapsulates the tragedy of the Baudelaire orphans, while also highlighting the key elements of the other characters: the madcap villainy of Olaf; the bumbling uselessness (and cough) of Mr Poe; and the weary sadness of Lemony Snicket himself, all in one incredibly catchy ditty.


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