15 Best TV Moments Of 2017 (So Far)

Musicals, maulings, murders, and Marlon Brando.

Best TV Moments 2017
Netflix/Starz/The CW

2017 has already been another great year in the era of Peak TV.

We're living in an era where almost everything feels like a must-watch, and yet it's impossible to watch everything. But there's so much high-quality content that, unless you've really backed the wrong horses, you're almost guaranteed to be watching something pretty great in any given week.

This year we've seen Netflix ramp up their original content production to almost ridiculous levels, so much so that you could watch nothing but them and you'd still probably be behind. Amazon and Hulu have continued to make strides to matching them too, with the latter achieving its first serious hit.

We've had cult favourites improbably return after a quarter-of-a-century away, some of TV's biggest and best dramas reaching new heights, and a wonderful array of new series to obsess over too.

There've been moments of madness, pure hilarity, heartbreaking tragedy, musical magic, feel--good, feel-bad, and everything in-between, and Game of Thrones isn't even back yet. (Contains spoilers, though not in the headings.)

15. Shiva Attacks - The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Shiva
Gene Page/AMC

Episode: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

The Walking Dead's seventh season was a bit of a slog, brought down by issues with its main villain, pacing, and tone. But a TV show with a tiger isn't all bad, and Shiva certainly proved that in the season finale.

After being caged up - both literally and figuratively - for most of the season, with only fleeting appearances, Ezekiel's 'pet' was finally let loose on the Saviours. The show needed a way out of a tight spot, with Negan about to bash Carl's head in, and Shiva arrived right on time.

Unfortunately she didn't tear out Negan's throat - the moment would've been MUCH higher if that'd happened - but instead took out a random Saviour to offer a distraction, and then another after that. We've seen a lot of gore and kills on the show, but the sight of a damn tiger ripping into the bad guys was still an immense thrill, and a hugely satisfying moment in a season they'd been few and far between.


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