20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Lost

19. The Plane Was Destroyed And Rebuilt Just To Get It Ready For Filming


Lost€™'s Pilot cost a whopping $10 million, treble what you€™'d expect from a new network show in 2004. Thankfully, it wasn't wasted. The effects are top notch (even by today€™'s standards) and the use of real locations made sequences like the opening aftermath of the crash incredibly visceral.

It will probably have been very visceral for the actors too; the fake crash was so realistic signs had to put up around the shooting site to reassure passing motorists. What the pilot didn't have was time; with such a tight schedule the production couldn't make a plane set in time for the shoot, so they bought a real plane and flew it out to Oahu dismantled and rebuilt it on the beach. I guess anything makes sense on the Island.

That wasn't the end of the plane (a model from the seventies no less). Some of its parts were used for percussion in the soundtrack. Michael Giacchino you smart devil you.


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