Everybody has their own strong opinions of who their favourite Simpsons character is. It can lead to all manner of arguments, disagreements and maybe in extreme cases,  a punch-up or two. But when you actually think about it, deciding on your favourite regular Springfieldian is like a parent being told to pick their favourite child. Because Springfield is filled with so many diverse, memorable and superbly funny characters, pinning all your love on a single one is damn near impossible.

You can imagine then the mammoth task of coming up with ultimate list of the 25 best characters to ever grace the 500-plus episodes of The Simpsons would prove to be quite the daunting one. And you’d be right.

I’m playing by four simple rules here. Let me explain them now so we can avoid arguments later. Rule #1: The entire extended Simpsons family are excluded. So that’s no Abe, no Mona, no Patty and Selma and no Jackie Bouvier.

Rule #2: Some characters come in pairs – Lou & Eddie, Kudos & Kang.

Rule #3: No special guest characters, ruling out your Frank Grimes and Hank Scorpios. That can be another list for another time.

And finally, Rule #4: If I can easily remember a character making me laugh, they make the list. If they haven’t, they’re left on the bench. I’ll warn you now this means some ‘popular’ characters have been excluded. It’s a strict formula but it’s effective.

So, get comfortable, grab yourself a Krusty Burger, or if you prefer, one of Apu’s soy dogs, crack open a Duff and let’s begin.

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This article was first posted on August 22, 2012