25 Best Supporting Characters From The Simpsons

25. Jasper Beardly

One of the oldest residents of Springfield, Jasper is a diabetic old man with a wooden leg, a thick white beard and a gravelly voice. He dodged the Second World War by pretending to be a woman and playing in the Woman€™s Baseball League. He once tried to cryogenically freeze himself in the Kwik-E-Mart ice cream freezer, and he briefly working as substitute teacher at Springfield Elementary. This proved unsuccessful however after confiscating all items made from tin, getting his beard caught in the pencil sharpener and threatening all the pupils with a €˜paddlin€™€™.

24. Disco Stu

Springfield€™s own John Travolta circa 1977, Stuart Discotheque might be mentally trapped in the disco era, but he runs his own nightclub and has always got a groove in his step. Before disco took a hold of his lifestyle, fashion and attitude, he worked as a sea captain. But he once told Marge he got hooked on sugar back in the 70€™s, and he confessed to a taxi driver that he doesn€™t even like disco anymore, that he€™s let it define him and he fears becoming a €˜one note guy.€™

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