4 Best Comedy Central Roasters (And 1 That Sucked)

3. Norm MacDonald

Norm Mcdonald In the 2008 Roast of Bob Saget, of Full House fame, the Dais was once again filled with genuine funny people ready to make the audience laugh at the expense of not only Bob Saget but also his former Full House co-starsJohn Stamos and the Olsen twins. The standard was to try and make the funniest jokes possible, so people would laugh as much as possible. Norm MacDonald would go on to do one of the most infamous, and innovative routines that would ever be seen on a roasting stage. MacDonald bucked the trend of the increasingly disturbing and offensive material that was being used in Comedy Roasts and delivered a routine of anti-comedy jokes. These jokes were straight out of the 1001 joke books and were delivered with MacDonald's ever deadpan expression and voice. MacDonald's routine would go on to become a viral sensation in the fallout from the roast and is possibly the single most identifiable roast routine that has been seen. In the 2013 Comedy Central Roast of James Franco, SNL comedian Andy Samberg tried a routine similar to that of MacDonald, but didn't quiet have the same effect as MacDonald's routine. Samberg attempted to deliver a "kind roast" making jokes at his own expense rather than at the expense of the roast subject or fellow roasters. Best Joke On Cloris Leachman €“ "If people say you're over the hill, don't believe them. You'll never be over the hill, not in the car you drive."

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