4 Reasons Donald Glover Is A God-Like Genius

Donald Glover is a modern miracle, and I’m an unabashed fan of everything the guy does. While many celebrities have…

Edan Nissen



Donald Glover is a modern miracle, and I’m an unabashed fan of everything the guy does. While many celebrities have attempted to bridge the divide between multiple art forms, few have done it with the multilevel success and talent as Donald Glover has.

Glover has gone from being a humble writer with the guys at 30 Rock, and auditioning for the role of Obama on Saturday Night Live, while still in college to starring in Community, alongside Chevy Chase and Joel McHale, as well as a cameo in the Muppet’s movie, to releasing a successful album and mix tape within a year of each other.

Glover has shown his aptitude in several different areas, from his growth out of his writing, which gives him the unique the advantage of having started from a point of where he was a writer before acting, as opposed to many actors who simply come up through the system of acting education, scrapping for parts. The genius of Glover extends much further than his acting, writing or even stand up.

His “side porject” under the Alias of Childish Gambino was a success, and Glover’s genius and ingenuity is seen, as not long after releasing his first studio album in “Camp”, Glover released a free album on his site called “ROYALTY,” which had some amazing tracks, as well as features from stars like Beck, RZA and Glover’s former boss Tina Fey.

As if Glover’s multi-platform wasn’t success, in each venture, Glover has proven his flexibility and multitudes of talents. While he started as a writer, he has had major success in the acting industry, and with the development of his character, Troy, in Community, shows his adaptability to more handling more mature and serious side of roles, above the immature joke humor Glover had in his first season alongside Danny Pudi, as Abed.

In his stand-up routines, Glover flows freely between anecdote, to joke, back to anecdote, to impersonation, to observational humor. His ability to flow through the different types of comedy allow him to get a laugh out of a wider range of audiences, without having to resort to repeating jokes, or similarity in his material. Finally, in Glover’s music he also has the flexibility in his songs, going from accoustic harmony in his song “Got This Money” to softer raps such as several of his songs on the “Camp” CD…