5 Best Game Of Thrones Characters Who Are Only In One Episode

4. Maester Cressen


Another prologue character whose warning goes mostly unheeded. Maester Cressen appears in the season 2 premiere, which begins with mysterious characters setting fires on a beach. While Melisandre, Ser Davos and Stannis Baratheon continue past this episode to become fan favourites, Cressen’s role is over before the end credits.

A wise old Maester, Cressen is like a Pycelle without the manipulation. Or rather, with less manipulation.

Cressen is willing to die in order to save Stannis from the grip of the red woman but in sharing poison with her, spends his dying seconds watching the red priestess’ choker glow and save her from harm.

Similar to Will, Cressen’s role is less about what he does, and more about what he reveals. When Melisandre drinks the poison and survives, we know her magic is real. Obtaining king’s blood from Gendry and burning leeches is more eye catching, and her withered true form is more eye popping. But this is where it all began.

Without Cressen’s trick backfiring, there would be no groundwork for the magic to come that season. The birth of the shadow baby is a shocking reveal, but one we’re willing to buy, because Cressen helped establish Melisandre’s standing.


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