5 Best Game Of Thrones Characters Who Are Only In One Episode

3. Maggy The Frog


Maggy The Frog’s appearance is a little different to most as it’s in a flashback. With this approach rarely seen in Game Of Thrones, we know we’re about to witness something important as teenage Cersei enters the witch’s tent.

In it, Maggy reluctantly tells Cersei her future. It’s here, as she weaves her tale of Cersei’s downfall, that her performance comes to life.

Eerily creepy, viewers are torn between sympathy for the young girl or satisfaction at seeing someone finally cut Cersei to her core. Maggy is both repulsive and delightful all at once.

Cersei frequently mentions her father, Tyrion and her beloved children as motivations for her actions but secretly, this might top all of them. Maggy cackles gleefully as she reveals that a younger queen will come along to take Cersei’s place, a thought which horrifies her. Even as a teenager, we see how entitled Cersei can be, although back then it was wrapped up in brattishness rather than ice-queen wit.

Could her fear over the prophecy be the reason Cersei made it her mission to destroy Margaery Tyrell? Now that Dany’s on the scene, the final season could see the prophecy come true.


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