5 Doctor Who Theories In Which Fans Went Moffat

Tears of joy and sadness. Laughter and anger. I think all Doctor Who fans felt that more than once or…

Krzysztof Szwajor



Tears of joy and sadness. Laughter and anger. I think all Doctor Who fans felt that more than once or twice… Or more like countless times while holding mine plastic sonic screwdriver not suitable for kids under 3…. I mean you. I don’t do that. Totally don’t. But there’s nothing strange in that – at least that’s what I’m telling people after a long It-Happend-But-Unhappend-But-Happend Vicky Pollard kind of monologue and realizing that I’m becoming one of those guys who probably keep kids in cellar. Which I don’t. Totally.

But one thing is certain – from time to time we all blame Moffat (while our therapists thanks him) for all those horrible things and for overdoing some of the plot twists – fact that River is daughter of Amy and Rory, for example, which some people find too The Bold and Beautiful style. For me he just again goes Moffat. Period. No need for further argumentation. But whether you agree, that sometimes it all goes to far, or disagree below you can find some theories that were cruising the internet before “Angels take Manhattan” where fans went totally Moffat, proving that deep inside we all love that feeling when he goes wibbly wobbly with a timey wimey frosting with our heads…. And he done exactly that when in one of interviews Matt Smith (but let’s go Moffat – we all know what mastermind told him to say that…) said:

“There’s something coming up in the final days of the Ponds that was in The Eleventh Hour…there’s a shot in that. [Moffat’s] been thinking about it that long. He always knew how she was going to… I’m saying too much already.”

After such news how could I not spend whole night reading through lot’s of theories created by fans and writing post on forums where some very strange people were posting even stranger information while being awake at some strange hours that suggest that either you are in different time zone or…Another coffee anyone?

But I have read it all. So what it was a weekday and I was working next day? So what that with every minute it made me more and more Illuminati-Lizard-People-It-All-Makes-Sense kind of person? There were facts. And photos. With extra annotations. And those red serious looking arrows that every UFO or Chupacabra photo have… And have I mentioned videos? Because there were YouTube videos with commentary. Which meant serious business. Who cares if one can always find facts to fit some crazy theory – problem with Moffat is that there is nothing too crazy. But I was at brink of solving it all. And just a cup of coffee away from writing strange things on walls. I went totally Moffat.