5 Doctor Who Villains That Are More Powerful Than The Daleks

They're not all that, you know.

The Daleks are one of the strongest enemies of the Doctor as they constantly evolve into new and more ruthless killers in their very simple quest, which is to dominate all life in the universe. However, the Daleks have been the victims of reputation recently as the most powerful force in the Doctor Who universe. Mostly because of a one €œRussell T Davies€ deciding that a series just wouldn€™t be complete without billions of the things flooding the skies or destroying the multiverse at every available opportunity. As such, everybody€™s got the idea that they€™re the strongest force ever, since when billions and billions show up, they destroy pretty much everything in their wake. But there are plenty of other villains out there who could easily destroy the entire Dalek Race at such deus ex machina speed that it could make Russell stay awake for days in an unending ecstatic seizure. In fact, most of these villains are single people, as opposed of a whole fleet, and they're usually much scarier, too. After all, even badgers would be a formidable fighting force if you had enough of them. Lots of Daleks showing up in a finale has never been as scary as Series 1's Dalek in which there was just one of them. If you don't believe the claim, here are 5 such monsters that have proven themselves to be much more powerful than the Daleks. "Exterminate" indeed.
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