Young Indiana Jones

We’re all familiar with Indiana Jones. We all know his unique appearance of leather jacket, fedora and bullwhip; his incredible adventures through the world; and his iconic position as one of the greatest film characters of all time. We’ve seen him battle the Nazi’s in the deserts of Cairo, rescue enslaved children from the depths of India and search ancient ruins for the cup of Christ. And battle the Nazi’s in the desert again for good measure. And evade a giant boulder, let’s not forget that one. Oh and he hates snakes. And did I mention he has a fedora? Yes I did.

The character that Harrison Ford portrayed flawlessly is known and loved by all. The production values of George Lucas, coupled with the brilliant direction of Steven Spielberg, meant that when Indiana Jones first hit the screens in 1981 he was an instant hit. You can hear John Williams’ soundtrack building in your ears right now. The success of the first film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, paved the way for two more instalments, a prequel and a sequel; Temple of Doom in 1984 and The Last Crusade in 1989.

All three films are action-adventure masterpieces, and audiences of the 1980s were treated to stunning settings, breath-taking action sequences and memorable roles by actors including Sir Sean Connery. Even as recently as 2008, Indiana Jones was making a profit at the box office in the fourth instalment of the series, the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We’ll not talk about the Crystal Skull here, it kind of shatters the awe-inspiring impression of Indiana Jones I’m trying to create.

In fact we’ll not talk about any of the films, as what I’m here to write about is The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. And I don’t mean the introduction to The Last Crusade, where we see Indy as a boy. I mean the made-for-television series which ran from 1992-1996 and starred Sean Patrick Flannery, Corey Carrier and George Hall as Indiana Jones. It’s more than likely that some of you have never heard of this series, or have never bothered to watch it. For one reason or another, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles was never a big hit, and its legacy is overshadowed by the Indiana Jones films. But look up on Netflix and The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles is there. Oh, it’s not. Well maybe it is. It should be.

The reason it should be watched is because it’s actually really good. For a mid 90’s made-for-television series, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles holds up quite well to a contemporary viewing. Why you ask? How?! What? Where? You ponder. You query. Why?

Please, one question at a time! Here are 5 reasons why Young Indiana Jones Is Actually Not As Bad As You Think…


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This article was first posted on November 14, 2013