6 Great Sixth Doctor Audio Stories

There’re several dozen Sixth Doctor audio stories that you must check out.

Chris Swanson


As you might recall from my article on Sixth Doctor TV stories, I mentioned that the failings of the series during Colin Baker’s time were not his fault. There were many causes, and frankly none of them can be laid at his feet. He wasn’t perfect as the Doctor, but he was good and after the series, he got even better.

So how did that happen, you might ask yourself. Well, there’s a company in the UK called Big Finish (hi, guys!), and they have a license to produce Doctor Who audio stories. They make ones with the original actors, great sound effects, wonderful writing, etc. Among the Doctors they do audios for is the Sixth, with Colin Baker reprising his role, as well as Nicola Bryant returning as Peri and Bonnie Langford returning as Mel. This in addition to some new, original companions that are only in the audio stories and one companion that…well, we’ll get to him in a bit.

There’re several dozen Sixth Doctor audio stories. I’m not kidding, he has tons, in the main monthly range, the Lost Stories and the companion chronicles. I haven’t listened to all of them yet, but I’ve made progress on quite a few, and I thought it might be fun to go over some of the best (click on the title to visit that story’s page and hear the trailer), and as an added bonus, you can picture Baker wearing whatever costume you want!

6. The One Doctor (Monthly Range Story 27)

The Sixth Doctor and Mel (Bonnie Langford in her first appearance in the audio stories), arrive on a distant planet, just in time for a celebration. Yes, it seems that before the Doctor and Mel arrived, the planet was saved from destruction by the Doctor and his trusty companion, Sally-Anne!

There’s an element of insanity here that really works well. I love the story of a con game gone entirely wrong, and it’s great to have Baker and Langford together for only the second time in the series history. The way she was written back in the day has always made me think that she would have been a great companion for the Sixth instead of a mediocre one for the Seventh, and this story helps prove that right. That plus the fact that Christopher Biggins’ performance as Banto Zane is one that has to be heard to be believed.