When Jimmy Fallon was announced as the replacement for Conan O’Brien’s old Late Night job, the decision was met with disdain. Fallon was mainly known as “that guy from Saturday Night Live who always laughed during sketches”, and his film career, made up of Taxi and Fever Pitch, wasn’t very promising either. Even though Fallon was surrounded with talent, from SNL legends Steve Higgins and Michael Shoemaker to the beloved hip-hop group The Roots as his house band, the public’s attitude for the upcoming show ranged from disinterest to negativity.

The show premiered on March 2, 2009, and it wasn’t pretty. Fallon was visibly nervous and sweaty, and his first guest, Robert De Niro, was a horrible interviewee. Fallon’s show was largely written off after a few weeks and deemed a dud. But the show kept going, even though no one seemed to show much of a interest in it. And after a year of finding itself, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon started to put on a solid show night after night, slowly gaining an audience.

Now, after three years of production, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has once again earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Variety Series. The show has had a monumental leap in quality, and has even eclipsed Conan as the best late night talk show on television. So if you don’t watch the show, why should you start now? These next six reasons will try and convince you to give the show a chance, because once you do, you’ll return night after night to see what Fallon and co. will do.

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This article was first posted on July 27, 2012