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The ability to stream TV shows over the internet is nothing short of amazing. I occasionally just have to stop and look at the technology and go “wow” a bit. It’s so incredibly awesome that I pretty much take it for granted now.

The most popular ways to stream TV these days seem to be Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Of the three, Netflix and Amazon Prime carry old school Doctor Who episodes. Yes, you can sit back in the comfort of your own home and watch TV shows so old they hadn’t even conceived of streaming technology at the time the shows were made.

If you’re someone who’s only seen new Who, but want to try the new, this is a great option for you. But where to start? Well, here’s a helpful list for you. These are the best stories (one for each Doctor), to stream on either Netflix, Amazon Prime, or both!


1. First Doctor – “The Aztecs” (Amazon Prime, Netflix)

This is an interesting “historical” story, where the only sci-fi elements are the TARDIS and her crew. It’s also a fascinating story that lays out what the “rules” of time are; namely that history can’t be changed. “Not one word!” as the Doctor famously puts it.

The history in the story is a bit iffy, and a bunch of white Brits playing Aztecs is something that I’m sure leaves many people redfaced, as it were. But the story is vastly entertaining, and it’s quite the experience to see how much of a jerk the Doctor was back in the day. Plus it’s fun to see him with his granddaughter and to see him nearly getting engaged.

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This article was first posted on May 6, 2013