Doctor Who has produced many famous monsters over its long 49 year history. Most people can name the pepper-pot perpetrators of evil, the Daleks, those silver giants the Cybermen and, at a push, monsters like the potato-headed Sontarans. However, many Who enemies have unfairly never stuck in the public’s imagination. Let’s have a look at some of the best of these forgotten foes…

7. The Moxx of Balhoon

A blue, big-headed goblin thing, the Moxx appeared opposite Christopher Eccleston in 2005’s ‘The End of the World’. Although not technically a monster in the moral sense – he’s actually a wealthy solicitor – the Moxx stands out from the other aliens in that story thanks to several little touches to his character – including his knack for spitting at people when he meets them. Both the Face of Boe (that big old face with dreadlocks in a jar) and Lady Cassandra (a villainous stretch of skin wearing lipstick) from this episode returned in later series, but the Moxx sadly has not. We should start a petition.


6. Raston Warrior Robot

Infamous to Doctor Who fans but largely forgotten by the general public, the Raston Robot, hobbies include throwing lances and jumping into the air accompanied by a catchy sound effect, appeared in the 1983 multi-Doctor birthday party ‘The Five Doctors’ and might just steal the show. As the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane hide not-very-well behind a rock, the Robot encounters a group of Cybermen, and mows them all down in minutes – in a variety of gruesome ways. Think of a way you can kill a Cyberman and the Raston Warrior Robot probably got there before you. Better luck next time.

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This article was first posted on October 19, 2012