8 Most Bizarrely Ridiculous Cameos In TV History

7. Jean-Claude Van Damme €“ Friends (1996)

During the mid '90s Friends absolutely dominated the sitcom landscape. The show had many memorable over the years including Julia Roberts as a girl Chandler used to pick on as a kid. Reece Witherspoon as Rachel's younger sister. And what is probably the funniest cameo, Danny DeVito as a stripper. Jean-Claude Van Damme (as himself, naturally) is without a doubt the lamest cameo in the show's existence. After Rachel and Monica meet JCVD on a movie set they both end up going out on a date with him. Rachel goes out with the actor until Monica gets jealous for having had a crush on him first. Rachel remedies this by convincing Van Damme to take out Monica instead. How does she do this? She convinces Van Damme that Monica wants to have a threesome with him and Drew Barrymore. Van Damme undoubtedly has more chemistry with his action film adversaries than he does with leading ladies. The action star should stick to punching snakes in the face and doing splits between moving trucks.

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