8 Most Bizarrely Ridiculous Cameos In TV History

Yes, that is Quentin Tarantino dancing on All-American Girl. No, we've no idea either.

Sometimes, television cameos make sense. Other times, they're just so insane that you can't help but marvel at just how ridiculous everything is. The Superbowl weekend gave us two €“ Adam Sandler auctioneering in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and the completely bonkers Prince appearance in New Girl. Over the decades we have seen endless amounts of cameos that were just weird. Ever since the beginning days of television, producers have looked to cameos for a ratings boost and sometimes this comes at the cost of the integrity of the show. These next eight entries range from simply odd to outright terrible. If you'd like to add any other bizarre television cameos please feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

8. Paris Hilton - Supernatural (2009)

When you look at a film like The Hottie and the Nottie you can immediately see that Paris Hilton has given us far worse acting performances over the years. Supernatural follows two brothers as they hunt demons, ghosts, monsters and....Paris Hilton? The "famous-for-nothing" heiress shows up during the final minutes of an episode as a demonic spoof of herself. If you want to see Paris getting imaginary-killed as some sort of comeuppance for putting herself all over the world's zeigeist for no damned reason at all, then this is your show. Not only does the actress get her head chopped off but it takes a good five times to do it; spraying her blood everywhere. If you thought her death in the critically-panned House Of Wax was bad, then by god, this really takes the brutality biscuit. Watching Paris goof on her own image in this scene makes you think she's probably not as stupid as everyone thinks. Yet none of this stops this cameo from being really strange.

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