star trek deep space

If the hope of Trekkers around the world for the new Star Trek movie was to delve into the relationships and backgrounds of the characters, or to explore deep-seated questions of intergalactic politics and morality, they were deeply mistaken. More than likely my fellow Trekkies walked out of the movie amazed at the visual effects but as Star Trek movies go found the movie unsatisfying. I hear them ask: Where are the plotlines that make me think? Where the heck are the discussions about that oh so provocative and seemingly self-serving prime directive? Where are the new worlds?

In the new movies J.J Abrams does a wonderful job of sidelining any heavy thought provoking issues. He puts the characters in situations in which neither the characters nor the audience has to think about what the right course of action is. Vulcan is blown up – we have to get the bad guys. There is a rogue officer/ terrorist on the loose – we have to catch him.

However, if you are thirsting for more plot, more thought, more character development and more – dare I say it – civilization with a hint of cowboy diplomacy then Star Trek Deep Space Nine may be your cure. Take this trip down memory lane with me as we rediscover the most awesome of plotlines ever developed for Star Trek, plotlines that still have relevance today and the type of plotlines that have kept Trekkies coming back to Star Trek over and over again. Welcome to Deep Space Nine….

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This article was first posted on July 28, 2013