9 Marvel Superheroes Who Desperately Deserve Their Own Netflix Series

9. Moon Knight

Moon Knight
Marvel Comics

Who They Are: What was once Marvel€™s token Batman rip-off has now become one of the company€™s most intriguing and indeed captivating anti-heroes, but not for the reasons you might expect. On the surface Marc Spector may seem typical of Marvel€™s street-level crimefighters, but beneath that lies a far darker reality. Honestly, this is a character that could push Netflix€™s limits, and not just for violence.

A former mercenary turned millionaire, Spector took his crime-fighting talents to the streets of New York after promising to physically represent the Egyptian Moon God, Konshu, on Earth. Unlike other Marvel heroes however, this responsibility often proves too much to bear.

Why They Deserve A Series: Any adaptation focusing on Konshu€™s very own would-be assassin would really crank up the more surreal elements of Marvel€™s cinematic universe €“ delving deep into Spector€™s psyche and perhaps with very abstract story-telling methods too. In more recent years the character has embraced the dark as well as the pulp, afflicted by a tenacious strain of multiple-personality disorder and encumbered by a foreboding omniscient metaphysical Egyptian god. I admit, it is a lot to take in for first time viewers, but there is a heck of a lot of potential to be had with the character, especially if any would-be showrunners set their sights to Warren Ellis€™ recent critically-acclaimed run released in 2014.

Moon Knight is and will always be a gamble to adapt. Let€™s face it though, a Moon Knight/Mr. Knight series is simply way too tempting to pass-up.

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