9 Reasons Sheldon Cooper Is The Worst Character On TV

Would you be his friend?


The Big Bang Theory needs to end. Not in a few years time, not when the monster ratings inevitably fall off a cliff, it needs to cease immediately.

In days gone by, it was a genuinely amusing show. The first couple of seasons were light-hearted, entertaining, and overall, they were just good fun to watch. That was partially down to one man, Sheldon Cooper.

He was the star of the show; a loveable irritation for the ever-expanding main group. However, things changed and as the series progressed, Sheldon lost the 'loveable' from his description while his 'irritation' factor shot through the roof. 

The show is beyond stale, it's dead, and it needs to end, along with the tyrannical reign of a character who is bafflingly still adored by legions of fans.

9. Recurring Jokes


"Knock, knock, knock. Penny. Knock, knock, knock. Penny." The Big Bang Theory is full of recurring jokes that have been dragged out for way too long, yet still draw inexplicably raucous laughter. People, realise what is actually happening, just watch.

The audience are watching a fully-grown man knock three times on a friend's door. That isn't humour, that's a fully-grown man knocking three times on a friend's door.

Throw 'Bazinga', his spot on the couch, and "I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested" into the category labelled: 'move on'. These are silly little jokes that simply aren't amusing nine seasons after they first began.


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