9 Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future

9. Normcore

Simpsons Hugh Parkfield

I know what you're thinking: you've seen this picture before in other 'Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future' pieces. Yeah, there's something which might be an iPad on the floor (it looks more like a big GameBoy, but anyway). Yeah, the Stones have been touring extensively even beyond 2010 with nary a wheelchair in sight. Yeah, we still use 9.26am as a time these days. Whatever.

What's more interesting is Hugh Parkfield's dress sense. Hugh, Lisa€™s future-hubby in the version of 2010 which the soothsayer describes to her, is quite a hunk. Aside from his voluminous auburn centre-parting, he has a strong collection of grey slacks, and teams them with a light blue open-necked shirt and dashing navy tanktop with red piping. He€™s deliciously safe.

One of the great innovations of the early 2010s was the proliferation of smart-casual middle-aged-dad attire as a conscious fashion choice. Suddenly, Larry David€™s wardrobe of sensible jumpers, slightly crumpled open-necked shirts and zip-up fleeces had been colonised by irony-hungry yuppie types all over Williamsburg, Dalston and Shoreditch. Even the normally hunkadelic Leo DiCaprio got spotted wearing cargo shorts, Birkenstocks and a green and blue plaid shirt.

We can but speculate, we being (alas) not privy to the inner workings of Leo€™s no doubt beautiful brain, but it€™s odds on that he had assimilated the lessons which Hugh Parkfield taught to us all: namely, buy all your clothes from Gap, and assume that you€™re going to have to pop into someone€™s grandma€™s birthday party at some point today.

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