Arrow Ending: 5 Spin-Offs That Could Replace It

Arrow is ending, but the Arrowverse still has room to grow.

The CW

After an incredibly successful, near decade-long run, the end is finally nigh for Arrow. The veteran superhero show will conclude after its eighth season, which will consist of a mere 10 episodes, bringing about the end of a game-changing era.

Debuting back in 2012 on The CW, the show introduced us to Stephen Amell's Emerald Archer and provided us with a more gritty and grounded take on the character, reinvigorating the superhero TV genre for a post-Smallville era. However, its greatest accomplishment was undoubtedly spawning the Arrowverse as it paved the way for multiple spin-off shows The Flash, Supergirl and DC's Legends Of Tomorrow. Throw in the upcoming arrival of Batwoman this fall and, for the first time ever, we will likely have five Arrowverse shows airing at once.

That figure, however, will once again drop to four when Arrow bids us adieu, with its absence opening up a new slot in the schedule. While its fellow shows will undoubtedly continue the legacy that it built, could we see a new Arrowverse show rise to officially take its place and, in doing so, become its true successor?


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