Arrow Season 7: 4 Ups & 1 Down From 'Training Day'

SCPD! You have failed this city!

Arrow S7 Ups Downs 15
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Contains spoilers from Arrow Season 7, Episode 15.

Arrow's seventh season has presented us with a series of rich storylines that have come and gone from episode to episode. One, however, that has progressed continuously throughout all fourteen installments has been the city's view on the vigilantism, which eventually resulted in the official deputization of all members of Team Arrow. This took centre stage this week in the somewhat standalone episode 'Training Day'.

With increasing tensions between Team Arrow and the SCPD officers, the former were ordered to officially learn the ropes of law enforcement in an attempt to make their new arrangement with the police officers work. As this went down, SCPD Captain Dinah Drake struggled with the lasting repercussions of her recent attack. Elsewhere, D.A. Laurel Lance was contacted with information about the apparent demise of Ricardo Diaz, leading to a brief investigation that yielded some surprising results. Finally, the show's flash-forward storyline continued to develop the relationship between William and Mia while also shedding some light on their missing years.

'Training Day' was a fun, self-contained adventure that allowed Team Arrow to return to the fold, but it was the episode's secondary narratives that proved the most interesting.

First, the positives.


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