Black Mirror Season 4: Every Episode Ranked From Worst To Best

5. Arkangel

Black Mirror Arkangel

Director Jodie Foster and star Rosemarie DeWitt make for a mighty team in this disturbingly semi-plausible tale about an overprotective mother (DeWitt), who implants her daughter with a tracking device which allows her to keep tabs on her movements, vitals, and even see everything she's seeing.

The results inevitably end up disastrous, and while at times it feels like the episode is overly flirtatious with concepts seen in previous series (namely the idea of creating real-life "blocks" on objectionable content or people), there's plenty of social satire here about parenting and the divisive notion of safe spaces.

Casting 21-year-old Brenna Harding as a 15-year-old version of the child is undeniably distracting, though, and ultimately it's a little too familiar and on-the-nose to become anything more than a solidly enjoyable episode.

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