22 weeks. That’s how long it’s been since we witnessed Hank Schrader cast his eyes over some revealing reading material in Breaking Bad’s mid-season cliff-hanger. If reports are to be believed, it will be another 22 weeks before we see the outcome of his toilet epiphany. That’s 22 weeks. Or 154 days. Or 3696 hours. I could go on.

If, like me, you’ve been trying to fill this void, then you’ll no doubt have been checking out some of the main cast’s previous roles. This may have included watching Dean Norris preparing for his turn as a DEA agent by portraying a US Marshal in The X-Files. I guess you’ll have also seen Aaron Paul “come on down” on The Price Is Right, fully expecting him to swap the word “dollars” for “mad stacks, bitch!” What I can guarantee, is that at some point you’ll have definitely revisited Bryan Cranston as Hal Wilkerson in “Malcolm in the Middle”.

Over seven seasons, we watched the married father of five navigate through household blunder and family apocalypse, never suspecting anything more an innocent, indecisive dad. Looking deeper into the character however, is there something strangely dark and familiar about the all-American family man? Is he just one bout of in-operable lung cancer away from buying an RV and cracking out his chemistry set?

After some extensive research, I present five examples that could back up what we’ve all been thinking . . . is Hal Wilkerson actually Walter White?

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This article was first posted on February 5, 2013