Breaking Bad: 5 Pieces of Evidence That Suggest Hal Wilkerson Is Walter White

5. The Alias And Their Secrets

Alias Equipped with pork pie hat and oversized sunglasses, Walter White takes on the alias €œHeisenberg€ in an effort to protect his true identity from those whom he cannot trust. But whilst he doesn€™t strike fear into the hearts of your regular Cartel gang member, Hal€™s €œKid Charlemagne€ can be found terrorising the airwaves of the college pirate radio station. As for secrets, the faltering family man may not be harbouring any along the lines of cooking crystal meth or quietly observing the death of his business partner€™s girlfriend, but he€™s certainly been keeping one or two things close to his chest over the years. We are all aware of his roller-skating talent, though it appears he keeps this sequined secret from the rest of the family, along with those cigarette stashes around the house. If he€™s been hiding tobacco, what else could this lead to? My guess is it won€™t be long before he€™s on a road trip to Wendy€™s with Agent Schrader, having a quiet talk about gateway drugs.

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