Disney Can't Cancel Netflix's Marvel Shows

Iron Fist may have been cancelled, but don't expect Daredevil & co to go anywhere.

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With Netflix recently announcing the cancellation of Iron First after just two seasons, many wondered whether Disney might've had anything to do with it.

The Mouse House are launching their own streaming service, complete with Marvel series, next year, which means Netflix is going to be a direct competitor, while the show's poor performance wasn't exactly great for the MCU brand. Add in the fact the decision was still rather surprising, and you can see why the influence of Disney has been speculated upon.

Netflix, however, have now clarified that Disney don't have any say in what happens to their Marvel TV shows. Obviously, they are still co-productions with Marvel Television, but Disney don't have the power to cancel series, with Netflix's Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, saying (via Inverse):

"Those shows are for us to cancel, and we’re super happy with their performance so far."

That means the decision to cancel Iron Fist was Netflix's, and we can expect the other series to stick around for a while yet: Daredevil Season 3 is just about to drop, and it'll surely get a fourth, while The Punisher Season 2, Jessica Jones Season 3, and Luke Cage Season 3 are all in the works.

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