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7 Wildly Different Iterations Of The Punisher

From the weird to the wonderful...

27 May 2015 Vince Cicchino

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7 Wrestlers Who Appeared In Comic Book Movies

Swapping the squared circle for the film set.

24 Jun 2014 K.J. Stewart

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13 Broken Comic Book Movie Franchises (And How To Fix Them)

How do you solve a problem like Green Lantern?

29 May 2014 Chris OMalley

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12 Actors Who Must Play Marvel Villains Before 2028

The big bad casting decisions to bring Kevin Feige's MCU Master Plan to life...

23 Apr 2014 Simon Gallagher


Predicting The Next 28 Movies Marvel Will Make Up To 2028

Kevin Feige says Marvel has a master-plan up until 2028 - but what would that look like exactly?

6 Apr 2014 Simon Gallagher

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10 Guilty Pleasure Video Games We All Played More Than Any Blockbuster

There's no such thing as bad taste in gaming.....Simpsons Road Rage anyone?

7 Mar 2014 Matthew Lowry

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5 Best Marvel Video Games

22 Aug 2013 Darragh O'Connor

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Thomas Jane Returns as The Punisher!

Jane reprises Frank Castle in a new short, titled "Dirty Laundry".

17 Jul 2012 Matt Aspin

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Hidden Gems of Comics: Garth Ennis' The Punisher BORN

In this classic story Ennis suggests that Frank Castle's never-ending fight against criminals is because he is in love with war.

27 Oct 2011 Guest Writer