Doctor Who: 10 Things That Need To Happen Before We See A Female Doctor

Doctor Who Female Doctor This Christmas, Matt Smith is to exit Doctor Who after three years; all eyes are on Peter Capaldi, what he'll bring the role, and whether the reportedly "darker" Doctor will surface sooner rather than later. But in a monumentally huge year for the show, it could've been so much more incredibly huge. This year, we came closer than ever to seeing a female Doctor. As half the fandom drew a sigh of disappointment at Capaldi's unveiling, the other half drew a sigh of relief. You see, while it would be the ultimate equality statement for the Doctor to switch genders after fifty years, he might not just be ready for it yet. Sure, it can take anyone to sit and say "He's a man, he should stay a man," but it's far more complicated an issue than to deserve slapdash sexist-shaming, and confusion over the term "feminist". There's nothing wrong with a female Doctor, but there would've been plenty wrong in hiring one this year. So without further ado, here are ten things that need to happen before we see a mad woman in a box.
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