Doctor Who: 11 Things We’ll Miss About The Eleventh Doctor

Doctor Who is a show that predicates itself on change. Oh sure, each year we continue to watch the adventures…

Adam Holmes


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Doctor Who is a show that predicates itself on change. Oh sure, each year we continue to watch the adventures of a madman in a box as he wanders across time and space helping those in need. That much has stayed the same. However, since 1966 and First Doctor William Hartnell leaving the show, Doctor Who has continually had us adjust to new actors taking over the role of the Doctor every few years Let’s be honest, the show would have failed if they hadn’t introduced the concept of regeneration, and as weird as it may have sounded back then, it was a brilliant move. Not only did this allow new actors to take over when the old ones had enough, but it also turned this esteemed character from a mysterious old gentleman into a humanoid alien with the power to heal his wounds and change his appearance. The show was already based in sci-fi, but regeneration took it to a whole new level.

Unfortunately, regeneration also means that every so often we have to say goodbye to an actor who we have liked as a Doctor, and for fans of the Eleventh Doctor, our time with him is coming to a close. The 50th anniversary is nearly upon us, and we have little more than a month before the Christmas special airs, which will be Matt Smith’s last episode. After his exit, Peter Capaldi will take over the role as the Twelfth Doctor and be seen regularly alongside Clara in 2014.

Each Doctor has its share of fans and detractors, and the Eleventh Doctor was no exception. Some people thought that his enthusiasm and hyperactivity was a cool, new interpretation of the character, while others were annoyed by his childishness and that the “Eleventh Doctor era” of the show was subpar compared to previous years. I tend to agree more with the supporters. The Eleventh Doctor isn’t my favorite Doctor, but I’ve enjoyed watching Matt Smith in the role. Every Doctor has their own personality, and I think Matt Smith has flourished as the Doctor who appears juvenile and lively on the outside, but is still that lonely Time Lord who has personal demons he fights with every day. He’s was a very multi-faceted character, which is something every great Doctor should be.

Not only that, but for many Americans like myself, Matt Smith was the first Doctor we noticed that got us interested in the universe of Doctor Who. I remember switching through the channels one year and coming across the episode Closing Time on BBC America. I didn’t watch the whole episode, but my interest was piqued by the strange man carrying the buzzing green flashlight tool chasing around a little robotic mouse. It was later that year that I decided to start watching Doctor Who from the beginning. So even though Christopher Eccleston may have been the first Doctor I watched completely, Matt Smith will always be my first Doctor.

So, as a way of saying goodbye to one of my favorite incarnations, I’ve come up with the top 11 things we’ll miss about the Eleventh Doctor when he’s gone. My thanks to the friends who helped me with this list and shared their favorite aspects of the Eleventh Doctor. Your help was much appreciated.

So, let’s get started. Off you pop!