Doctor Who: 25 Actors Who'd Make Great Companions

Series 8 is expected by some to be Jenna Coleman's last. With that in mind, here's 25 candidates for who could be the next Doctor Who companion.

A few weeks back, we speculated on which actors we'd love to see take on the role of Doctor for future incarnations, but what about companions? A companion is just as vital to Doctor Who as the Doctor is; they provide the warm, human normalness that balances out his eccentricity, and they're what leads viewers into the show. Christopher Eccleston once claimed that Russell T Davies never wanted to be the Doctor, he wanted to be a companion, and he's not alone; millions of us have wondered at one time or another what it would be like if the Doctor fell out of the sky and took us on a journey through time and space. Series 8 is expected by some to be Jenna Coleman's last, but which actresses (and a few actors) would make an excellent addition to the TARDIS crew? Here, in no particular order, are twenty-five we'd like to see; add your suggestions below!

25. Louise Brealey

Immensely popular playing Molly Hooper in Sherlock, Louise Brealey certainly be a popular choice for those fans that watch both of Moffat's big shows. Of course, Martin Freeman's an obvious choice too, but Brealey's pretty much already playing a companion role too; she started off mesmerised by Sherlock, grew to stand up to him, and she's there whenever he needs her. She's also brilliantly funny and really sweet; could you imagine what the chemistry would be like with the probably grumpy Capaldi? Steven Moffat likes to cast actors he knows well, from Amanda Abbington (Freeman's wife) to his own son, both in Sherlock. Maybe Brealey's one of the more likely names on the list...

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