Doctor Who: 5 More Companions Who Should Reappear

The Doctor has traveled with so many companions that I wasn’t able to cover as many as I wanted in…

Paula Luther



The Doctor has traveled with so many companions that I wasn’t able to cover as many as I wanted in my previous article, and I noticed that the readers had their own ideas of which companions they would like to see return. So I have combined their comments with my own ideas to present five more companions who deserve a second appearance. Once again, I acknowledge that there are many companions who should come back – this is just a small sampling of a large group.


5. Victoria Waterfield

Doctor Who Victoria Waterfield

The recent discovery of the lost Doctor Who episodes makes it worthwhile to revisit this companion’s story. When Victoria lost her father to the Daleks, the Doctor offered the 19th-century orphan a place aboard the TARDIS with him and Jamie. Naturally, Victoria was grateful for the guardianship since her future in London would have been uncertain, but even an encounter with the Daleks didn’t fully prepare her for everything she would face in her travels. She was frequently frightened but tried her best to be brave for the Doctor’s sake. Frightened or not, Victoria’s time with the Doctor matured her and taught her to make mature decisions–like to accept the offer to stay with the Harris family and begin a new life in the 20th century. The Doctor and Jamie hated to see her leave, but they respected her decision to go back to living a normal life.

But is there ever such a thing as a normal life after traveling with the Doctor? It would be interesting to see how Victoria adjusted to living in the 20th century as well as seeing what direction her life took. She would have had more opportunities as a young woman in the 20th century than in the 19th, so how did she utilize them? And how did her TARDIS travels influence her life?