Doctor Who: 5 Reasons Eleven's Regeneration Will Be Incredibly Heartbreaking

4. We Won€™t Get The Look Back Ten Got (Or Will We?)

While many of the Doctor Who viewers are probably counting their blessings that we won€™t have the Doctor talking to an oblivious Amy and Rory like we saw with Ten and Rose, it still offered a bit of closure for the Doctor as he regenerated, no matter how heartbreaking it was for us. We got to see the people Ten touched throughout his generation and watch him say goodbye to everyone. Eleven can€™t do that. First off, there€™s the obvious fact that the Doctor can€™t go to New York to see Amy and Rory (and yes, I€™m with you guys, why can€™t he take a train from Boston?), but there€™s more €“ he can€™t see any of the Ponds. Going by the cast list up on IMDb, none of the Ponds, or any of the Doctor€™s friends will appear in this episode €“ it€™s likely that he€™ll die in battle. Instead of a slow regeneration where he was sung to sleep, he€™ll most likely have to rush into the TARDIS, regenerate, and continue to fight. I€™m not gonna lie, this gives Twelve some great opening line possibilities, but it takes away the sentiment that came with Ten regenerating. However this does leave it open that his friends can come back. No, probably not Amy and Rory, but Strax, Vastra, Jenny, River, they€™re all likely to come back. So from that aspect, maybe it€™s good we€™re not saying goodbye. Though I will say this €“ if there is anything Season 8 has shown us, it€™s the incredible ability the Doctor Who graphics team has at putting the actors in older scenes. So maybe we get the goodbye anyway?
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