There has been a growing discontent in the Doctor Who fandom regarding the treatment of the show post Russell T Davies, and the recent horror some call “The Time of the Doctor” has nearly put me off the programme entirely. This article will seek to put some of the more salient reasons behind my distaste into words.

(A disclaimer before I get into the article proper: I have enjoyed a fair number of episodes in the past few series. I like Amy and Rory and Clara and Matt Smith’s Doctor. Do not be wholly deceived by the vehemence in the article below–recent episodes and the heat of fury that descends upon an artist in the midst of a rant have lent their force behind my words).

6. The Format

The Format


I’d like to see some story arcs happen over two or three episodes. As in, one single story arc. One plot triangle, if you’ll hark back to your primary schooling. We’ve been given some “series arcs” in the past few years—some hints and occasional references to the “greater arc,” but we haven’t been given a true double header in some time.

The large scale and subtle hints of most of Moffat’s “series arcs” have ceased to be tantalizing and have begun to tire me out. I find myself watching an episode and thinking “where’s the crack in the wall going to show up in this storyline?” or “I wonder where the Doctor will see and forget about a Silence here” instead of becoming invested in the episode at hand.

This isn’t one of the larger issues, it’s just something that would help my interest return and remain.

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This article was first posted on January 17, 2014