Doctor Who: 8 Traits Which Made The Tenth Doctor Awesome

Ooj They say you never forget your first Doctor. My initial encounter with Doctor Who was through a friend who looks eerily like David Tennant. When I began watching the show in earnest, it was clear from the moment Nine regenerated that Ten would forever have my heart as The Doctor. Throughout the arc of Ten's narrative, we are taken through countless highs and lows: the return of Dalek Khan; star-crossed lovers, separated by parallel universes; saving the entire Ood race; the Doctor nearly assuming his human alter-ego John Smith for the rest of time; the death of the Face of Boe; the truth about the volcanic eruption at Pompeii; saving Sally Sparrow from the Weeping Angels through a DVD Easter egg; and losing the ability to speak his own mind, to name but a few. Throughout Ten's tenure, we watch his character evolve and change. He experiences the overwhelming joy and then the great loss of Rose, which hardens his hearts and makes him unable to care for Martha in the way she needs. We see Donna rescue him from his loneliness and anger, and then watch him plunge into the pit of rage when he realizes he cannot help but hurt everyone he cares for. And this emotional rollercoaster that the show takes us on works, because Ten is a dynamic Doctor. His talents, actions, and quirks make for an incredible journey in the TARDIS. Here are just eight of the traits which made the tenth doctor so awesome.

8. His Quirky Yet Practical Style

DavidTennantDoctor Let's face it; throughout his 50 year history, the Doctor has made some ridiculous clothing choices. There are very few centuries on very few planets in very few galaxies, for example, where Three's velvet jacket and ruffled shirt wouldn't look slightly out of place (I am speculating, of course; I haven't been to very many other planets). But Ten manages to find the balance between quirky €“ Converse with an ankle-length wool trench?! €“ and practical. His suits allow him to look sharp, but also ensure he'll be able to run fast enough to escape the Cybermen. And no one can rock a spiked tuft of hair quite like David Tennant.

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